Auténtigos – productor de higos secos


Our products are based on the needs of our customers. We constantly innovate in processes, offering a wide variety of presentations, under international quality standards. They are beneficial for the bones and blood pressure and are especially appreciated for their calcium, magnesium and fiber content; in addition to containing vitamin and antioxidants.

Bags of dried figs with rice flour


Bulk figs with rice flour, or without flour

In 5 and 10 kg format (sin gluten)

Higos granel
con o sin harina de arroz

Formatos de
5kg y 10k(sin gluten)

Fig bread
with almonds

In formats from 150 g. to 250 g

Fig paste with crushed seeds

Improve the texture in the recipes

Pasta de higo con semillas trituradas

Mejorando la textura
de sus recetas

Display box
for figs

In bulk from 3 to 5 kg.

Versatile display box for bags

For all our sales formats

Caja de exposición para bolsitas versátil

Funciona para todos
nuestros formatos de venta